On Boxing Day….

After the girl who walked with a hole in her shoe was satisfied that it was all enough orange, she sat down and woke the Five Foot Storyhouse up. On boxing day. Boxes 1 & 2 from the 26 Boxes, an Envelope & advent calendar: 26boxes.wordpress.com


A 2 year* exploration via correspondence art - because you never know where adventures might lead Rooted in and developing international correspondence projects, Sunsent aims to create a love letter exploring the heart and margins of correspondence practice as a form of conversational art, as experienced largely during enforced absence. Sunsent is a creative gathering, a creative... Continue Reading →

The last first – We Speak Yellow

If it wasn't for Noriko Suzuki-Bosco (UK), this project in this particular guise may never have come into being. 26 Boxes, an Envelope & was influenced by a trail that I chanced upon in response to an artist book that Noriko sent me in early June 2020. Noriko's yellow box came back joint first -... Continue Reading →

The Matchbox Game

by RF Cote & Mel Anie Also known - affectionately or not - as the thing that became a monster and then went on a strict diet. RF Cote (Canada) runs the assembling zine, Circulaire 132, that I've been contributing to regularly since June 2020. It's artists like Reg who keep the eternal network flowing... Continue Reading →


by Lorna Jewitt & Mel Anie Glamhooley has become an ongoing storytelling delight. Glamhooley was invented by Lorna Jewitt (UK) in response to one of my mail art projects in 2020. We have helped each other along on this journey of storytelling discovery and while there are a couple of pieces that we have created... Continue Reading →

Box of Multiple Assortments

Over 26 weeks, multiple assortments followed: Sara Beth Thomas (USA) Box 9. Heaven Is Dry: - 26 Artist Trading Cards, Heaven Is Dry in Two Parts: front and reverse pictured - Sara Beth Thomas Claudia Adams (New Zealand) Box 24. Pink Almond. Covid Chronicles - Claudia Adams. The hand-painted greetings cards are missing: they have... Continue Reading →

The first first – Titanium Shell

I sent Box 18, Titanium Shell, to Carmela Rizzuto (USA). Hers was one of two to arrive back first. She sent me a disproportionate shoe to fit the disproportionate foot that I had sent her. Of course, to start with - I received a few shoes. This is good because I am the girl who... Continue Reading →

Detail from a first score

Here is a small detail from the envelope of things that were sent out for the correspondancing project, 26 Boxes, an Envelope &. On this blog, I have shown you details from the packagings that I received. Now that the first mailed phase is over, and assembling of mixed sorts have been sent out as... Continue Reading →

A correspon-dancing collaboration

On boxing day, there were 26 Boxes, an Envelope & on the 32nd June, there was a party. Many RSVPs and boxes had come back from 24 artists spread over 12 countries. But, a miracle was missing! Now, the ball has been unmasked and, for the first time, here is a 5ft bird's eye view... Continue Reading →

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