26 Boxes: 2nd half opens with Glee

tomorrow came &
so did the pumpkin
because seeds were sown
by hands of friends and maybe even foe

spring it sprung
in red, we know,
and now, it's here, in green
Box 11: Poeme – Jack Lattemann (Cascadia Artpost, USA)

The second half of this dance began on Tuesday 30 March 2021. I put out an invitation for anyone to send something in for any of the few boxes that had not yet been returned. Jack Latteman took me by gleeful surprise in mailing me this envelope, for Poeme. Unlike other participants, I had not posted anything to Jack and so he had limited information about the project. Bravo and thank you to him; he was truly masked – and maybe all the better for it (?!).

And, because pumpkin time has passed, I’m starting to pull apart the strings that tie the masks. Soon, they will fall.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

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