26 Boxes: 2nd half opens with Glee

tomorrow came & so did the pumpkin because seeds were sown by hands of friends and maybe even foe spring it sprung in red, we know, and now, it's here, in green Box 11: Poeme - Jack Lattemann (Cascadia Artpost, USA) The second half of this dance began on Tuesday 30 March 2021. I put... Continue Reading →

26 boxes: Before the line

The lines on time were drawn; they were given the third degree. There were many folds torn wrong in minutes, seconds flatpacked. & the pumpkin still it slept. Box envelope - Claudia Adams (New Zealand), Box 24: Pink almond Today, the first half of 26 Boxes, an Envelope & ends. When tomorrow comes, the masks... Continue Reading →

26 Boxes: Awesome sauce

If you follow the white rabbit or the yellow brick road you might miss the orange spotted awesome sauce Envelope detail, Box. 19: The Looking Glass - Francis Lamme (The Netherlands)

26 boxes: World Book Days

In books there are worlds That'll paint your life Red, yellow, green & All the colours you'll find in-between. Portion of envelope from Jennifer Wallace (UK), Box 17

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