26 Boxes: Straight lines

If you follow the straight lines step by step you'll trip over fallen leaves. Yesli vy budete sledovat' pryamym liniyam Shag za shagom Vy spotknetes' o opavshiye list'ya. Silver Forest, Box 22 - from Russia with love. Ilya Semenenko-Basin. Если вы будете следовать прямым линиям Шаг за шагом Вы споткнетесь о опавшие листья.

26 Boxes: Hexed

Neither nor, Either or, Both Please, & Thank you, Too, vi Box no. 6: The Book, from Susan Weisberg (USA) I am so pleased to have received a little hex.

26 Boxes: Threes

For 26 Boxes, an Envelope & It's how you play the game Three of them they came; three of them they came on the third. Three of them they came; three of them came to play. olympian Envelopes (or fragments) like masks at a ball, cropped by Mel Anie. L to R: RF Cote, The... Continue Reading →

26 Boxes: Inside out

For 26 Boxes, an Envelope &: On the night beforeI sent five.On the day afterI sent her 4."96," she asks?The rigging.It's all about the rigging. Deconstructed envelope rigged by Mel Anie using an envelope Lorna Jewitt sent all tied up. Envelope 4, The Night Before, came back from Lorna Jewitt (with something in it). Again,... Continue Reading →

26 Boxes: It plays five

This old box, it plays five It plays footsies, does a little jive; With a pick-pack, big pack on our back We gave the dog a bone, It chews, it chews, then runs for home. Box 5, went on a very long journey to Christine Wijnen in Belgium. But, a while back, Christine and I... Continue Reading →

26 Boxes: Herbal 15

Towards a postal dance Two flamingos and a pig sweetly smelling leaves at her ball. Envelope 15, Herbal, received yesterday from Carien van Hest. Herbal 15, Envelope front, by Carien van Hest And so it seems, that I am writing a short verse for each of the envelopes I receive. I'm keeping the contents Under... Continue Reading →

26 Boxes: Wrong fit

So far, I have received a shoe and a box. I tried to put the shoe in the box but it didn't fit. But, I was trying to put the wrong box on the shoe. Then I paused

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