MC88: Tea

L'Herboriste No. 119 tea sachet - from Martine Rastello (France) Solstamp: MC88280421 Musiamo Cent

MC87: La Semeuse

La Semeuse (The Sower), blue 25c French stamp - delivered with the the 'Carnet Bleu 003' from Roswitha Wiehl Guillemin & RF Cote Solstamp: MC87270421 Musiamo Cent

MC86: Sierre stamp

Swiss charity stamp for Pro Juvente, a children's charity featuring the Sierre coat of arms - origins forgotten Solstamp: MC86260421 Musiamo Cent

MC84: Authomanie: Return to Clementine

Return to Clementine - the original Authomanie card (Mel Anie) Authomanie is a collaborative correspondence project between Mel Anie and Thomas Beutel. Beutel scattered seeds, Mel Anie sowed them, and they grew into Clementine and Theodore. This is the original card, now taken out of service. A replacement is in progress. Solstamp: MC84240421 Musiamo Cent

MC83: Rosalind

Rosalind chocolate bar wrapping (Sweet Theatre) - chocolate eaten by Mel Anie before depositing wrapper by hand Solstamp: MC83230421 Musiamo Cent

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