MC98: Fieldnotes

Fieldnotes: Musiamo Cent - hand-sewn A5 booklet, by Mel Anie Fieldnotes was handmade at an artist's book workshop with Professor Chris Taylor (University of Leeds). It started out as 'The Writer's Score', which was installed as the beginning of a communally created love story in the Solar Gallery, Ilkley's 'Awakening' exhibition. The love story stalled... Continue Reading →

MC97: I Drive Me Crazy

Paper draft for fabric patch - 'I Drive Me Crazy 100 Days date stamps'; fabric patch submitted for the Ilkley Manor House Lockdown Quilt 2020 Solstamp: MC97070521 Musiamo Cent

MC96: Silver cord

150cm silver cord, unwound - deposited by Mel Anie Oh, biggerwongy, sometimes things get dirty, sometimes things get wet. Deposited in the permanent collection for Musiamo Cent. Solstamp: MC96060521 Musiamo Cent

MC95: Sunshine portrait

Sunshine portrait - Mel Anie Arguably the most important (and biggest) piece in the whole of the Musiamo Cent collection. Solstamp: MC95050521 Musiamo Cent

MC94: Reservation for Two

Reservation for 2 stragglers - temporary window placed by Mel Anie for receipt of two pieces declared in transit before 1 May 2021. Solstamp: MC94040521 Musiamo Cent Both now received: Postcards and 2 mixed media collages - Daniela Dante (Italy) Heart Maze: Embroidered collaged postcard - Brottasart (Portugal)

MC86: Sierre stamp

Swiss charity stamp for Pro Juvente, a children's charity featuring the Sierre coat of arms - origins forgotten Solstamp: MC86260421 Musiamo Cent

MC80: After Party

After party souvenir - Mel Anie (copy); original has been lost or circulated somewhere in the eternal network Solstamp: MC80200421 Musiamo Cent

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