The 5ft Storyhouse is an independent storymaking and publishing establishment. It lives and breathes with Mel Anie, the girl who walks with a hole in her shoe and sometimes puts flowers in her hair. So far, it is all about the envelopes – and books.

How to Make Raspberry Jam – Mel Anie, an Off the Rails edition, 5ft Storyhouse

The 5ft Storyhouse weblog currently features the progress of two mail art events:

  • 26 Boxes, an Envelope &: an attempt to create a postal dance. The first phase ran from 26 weeks and closed on 28 June 2021. Now the score is shifting.
  • Musiamo Cent: building the 5ft Storyhouse’s first museum. Museum 100 developed over 100 days from 31 Jan- 10 May 2021. It is now closed.

The blog carries updates for everything but each event project has its own page so that you can follow them separately – in reverse chronological order. Start in the middle at the end, of course – unless you were here from the beginning.

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