MC73: Volume 37 – Mail Art Book

Volume 37 - Mel Anie & Sharon Silverman. Inside pages: Mail Art Volume 37 - Mel Anie & Sharon Silverman This book combines original mail artworks by Mel Anie and Sharon Silverman. The artworks were delivered through the mail, before and after publication. This is a collaborative mail art project run by Sharon Silverman. She... Continue Reading →

MC70: Entente Cordiale

Royal Mail First Day of Issue cover - Entente Cordiale, a century of Anglo-French co-operation; in conjunction with La Poste. Deposited through a chain of gift-giving. Solstamp: MC70100421 Musiamo Cent

26 Boxes: 2nd half opens with Glee

tomorrow came & so did the pumpkin because seeds were sown by hands of friends and maybe even foe spring it sprung in red, we know, and now, it's here, in green Box 11: Poeme - Jack Lattemann (Cascadia Artpost, USA) The second half of this dance began on Tuesday 30 March 2021. I put... Continue Reading →

MC68: £1 Lottery Ticket

Lottery ticket - delivered in unscratched condition from Faber & Faber; scratched by Mel Anie; prize unclaimed Do you think it is still valid? Solstamp: MC68080421 Musiamo Cent

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