MC80: After Party

After party souvenir - Mel Anie (copy); original has been lost or circulated somewhere in the eternal network Solstamp: MC80200421 Musiamo Cent

MC76: Banana Productions artistamps

Banana Productions artistamps - received from Cascadia Artpost via 'Polar Gold Label by Air' These are an example of custom, offset printed and pinhole perforated artistamps produced by Anna Banana, Banana Productions, Canada. Solstamp: MC76160421 Musiamo Cent

MC75: Beetroot Juice and Chocolate #2

'Melorian Composition in Beetroot Juice and Chocolate #2 - Mail Art Martha, United Queendom of Retailia (UK) An example of trashpo (trash poetry), a mail art speciality often delivered without order. Solstamp: MC75150421 Musiamo Cent

MC74: Fork

Wooden single-use fork, unused - deposited by Mel Anie; provenance forgotten Leftover accompaniment to 'Have Your Cake and Eat It: a recycled lover story' artists' book by Mel Anie. Solstamp: MC74140421 Musiamo Cent

MC73: Volume 37 – Mail Art Book

Volume 37 - Mel Anie & Sharon Silverman. Inside pages: Mail Art Volume 37 - Mel Anie & Sharon Silverman This book combines original mail artworks by Mel Anie and Sharon Silverman. The artworks were delivered through the mail, before and after publication. This is a collaborative mail art project run by Sharon Silverman. She... Continue Reading →

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